Punk sisters from different mothers, Lauren Goffin and Casey Dickson, have teamed up to create what many in Seattle’s batch of misfit punkers have been longing for: a gritty rock and roll trio.
DIE NASTY pairs Goffin’s slop-abilly bass hooks with Dickson’s high octane riffery. The batch of trash pulls from The Cramps, New York Dolls and The Dead Boys. And unlike in her previous projects like Loud Eyes, Pain Cocktail or The Wrecked Chords, Goffin steps out in front of the mic to project the grimy lead vocals. Not to be ignored, Dickson may be one of the most underrated guitar players in Seattle, having slipped under the radar with standout slaying in The Valkyries and The Badlands.
If raunch party music is what you desire, DIE NASTY can grant your wish as soon as the amps get plugged in.

About the Band